Polling Stations:​

​Ogden Firehouse

  • ED12
  • ED17
  • ED65

High School

  • ED13
  • ED16


  • ED58

Village Hall

  • ED14


  • ED15
  • ED80


If you need an absentee ballot:

To vote by absentee ballot, you first must request the ballot. You may file an Application for an absentee ballot by MAIL.  The Application must be post marked no later than OCTOBER 29th.

After you receive the ballot, you may cast your vote by MAIL.  The ballot must be postmarked no later than MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4th.

Vote Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

If you are not registered to vote in New York​​:

To vote on November 5th, you must register by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th.

You may file the Voter Registration Form by MAIL.  The Form must be post marked no later than OCTOBER 11th.

If you have a NY driver’s license, permit, or other acceptable ID that shows your current address, you may register to vote ONLINE at the NY Department of Motor Vehicles website.  In order to vote on November 5th, you must register online no later than OCTOBER 11th.

More information can be found on the

New York State Board of Elections website

If you are registered in New York​​, but have moved:

To vote on November 5th, you must file your Change of Address by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th.  Use the Voter Registration Form to change your address.

Election 2019

We urge all voters to exercise their right to vote.  

One of our 
Values is Broad Citizen Participation.

Contact us (or click on the buttons at the right):

  • if you need to register to vote,
  • if you are not sure where to vote,
  • if you need an absentee ballot, 
  • if you need a ride to the polls.


There are five polling places in Dobbs Ferry, which means that most residents can walk to their polling place.  If walking is not possible for you, we've developed a map of Dobbs Ferry which provides information on suggested places to park and alternative means of transportation to your polling place.