What is a Democratic District Leader:

Democratic District Leaders perform the tasks necessary to get Democratic candidates on the ballot and run successful races to get elected.  First and foremost, they carry nominating petitions for candidates seeking to run for office, beginning at the Village level. Under New York's election law, a person who wants to run for a political office must in most cases gather the signatures of a certain percentage of registered voters for his/her name to appear on the ballot.  District Leaders go door-to-door in their Election Districts/neighborhoods to collect these signatures.

District Leaders participate in election campaigns in support of Democratic candidates by making phone calls, canvassing (going door-to-door) with candidate teams, distributing campaign literature, writing letters of support in local media, putting out yard signs, and posting on social media.

Further, District Leaders work on Election Day as Poll Watchers to ensure fair elections.  They monitor polling places as they open and close to see that voting machines are functioning properly, that legal requirements are adhered to, that voters are given correct information for casting their ballots, and to collect votes cast to report to interested campaigns.

District Leaders also participate in regular Village and Town Committee meetings to trade ideas with local elected officials, vote on which candidates for local office should be endorsed, and determine what projects we will undertake and what issues we'll get involved in. 

Getting Involved:

The Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee has regularly scheduled meetings that are open to the public.  We provide a forum for discussion on a broad range of topics and welcome everyone's input.  We invite you to attend our meetings toshare ideas, hear from our locally elected Democratic officials and candidates, and learn how to get involved with crucial races and important issues.

We also have occasional vacancies in District Leader positions.  A short summary of the role of a District Leader is below. If you are interested in learning more, please
contact us.