We share two basic principles:

We expect our candidates, our elected officials, and ourselves to act with integrity for the good of the Village.

​We believe that government can strengthen communities and improve people's lives.

We are part of the community:

We offer the Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee Public Policy Award to a qualifying high school senior annually.

We take a table at the Ferry Festa annually.

We collaborate with other Democratic Committees in the Rivertowns to sponsor public forums on current issues that inform and educate the public.

​We contribute to worthy causes at the Village level and beyond.

Who we are:

We are Dobbs Ferry residents who were publicly elected to represent each and every neighborhood in the Village.

We meet regularly in open, publicized meetings to discuss and take positions on public policy issues -- and we are the only organization in the Village that does so.

We inform and influence our elected officials.

We cultivate, vet and endorse qualified individuals as candidates for public office.

​We run issue-oriented campaigns.

We share six fundamental values:

Open Government

  • ​Informed Electorate
  • Broad Citizen Participation 

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Sharing Services
  • Grant Seeking
  • Fairness

Environmental Stewardship

  • Open Space Preservation
  • Energy Conservation and Alternative Sources
  • Waste Reduction


  • Historic Building & Neighborhoods
  • Local Character
  • Quality of Life


  • Affordable Housing
  • Services for Children, Elderly and Those in Need

Responsible Land Use

  • Zoning & Planning
  • Care of Infrastructure
  • Alternative Means of Transportation